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End game content's boring/weak(?)

So I’m a new player, I’ve been playing for one month now. Only got one char high lvl, wich’s my healer. lv 420, almost every single skill that I use in the build lv 100.

So here’s the complain. I do all weeklys, dailys dgs and then suddently, I have absolutely nothing to do. Pamoka seems to be a good end-game content, but since they added misrus and moringponia, it feels outdated and pretty “useless”.

Ofc I can be farming for full godish legend gear with ichors etc, but it takes time, and after you do the dgs you’re lost.

I’ve been thinking on ways to not be bored, and feel like playing the game. I think I’ve been logging for one week already just to get PoPo points, and do dailys. that’s it.

WB is so laggy that it’s almost pointless to participate. playing new chars makes me bored, since I made every single quest on my main. so what else can I do in this game, feeling hopeless.

What would be a godish pve class to solo HG sewers, maybe it fix the feeling that I have nothing to do on the game. since as healer I can’t do solo it. If they made a grinding place that 's necessary coop, like a super hard hg. well w.e. just here to see ya’ll reviews.


Me playing for 12k hours.
At around 6k hours i switch all my 38 char to SR thau enc. . (they’re all now SR thau cor)
my end game entertainment is to collect all +16 lv400 weapon.
That’s more enjoyable than doing some random shjtty content that imc added in game.

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i dont even think filling those bottle is a content lol
having a set effect is content, but to filling it? sometimes i just buy it lul
you can get more along the go and sell more later

dgs?level dungeon?i dont even doing it anymore after 360 except for coins now lol

im not even talk to titas and skip tutorial in many of my chars cause i jump to tenet and get to 15 in 1 min.never even bother press f5 for them lol,the point is questing is not a must.

obviously with a healer main theres nothing much you can do except assist for legend chicken lol
change your main into dps and open up for more content like misrus hard,higher level cms,dps legend chicken,raid for ichors
and you actually answer this question yourself
the “it takes time” part is the answer you looking for “what else can i do?i got nothing to do!” but seemingly you are just lazy to face the grind.

thanks to the grimoires we got it worse now.if even without grimoires you still got laggy, you just having problem with either your pc/settings/network.

this is what happened when you main a healer should consider it from the beginning. although tos is nice for not being strict so you can simply reset to another dps build.its not a big deal lol. rather than hoping for pt HG area cause it was what HG area back then so this idea wont likely become fruition.

try misrus hard mode, or even beat legend chicken faster than before as a dps.the thing is,if i main as healer i will get bored easily as well

Go join GTW. It’s a lot of fun. :smiley:
Challenge yourself everyday, go do gem feud and aim for top kill. Very fun and exciting. Bonus points if someone curses you in shout. :wink:

I made more chars whenever boredom strikes. It’s fun to play classes that you never played before.

if its boring to make new characters, then make new builds for your cleric.

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Uuhhmm…Dat’s kinda crazy, knowing enough ppl not getting their for months or even years, including myself

But anyway, as most already pointed out - the game is a big dps race most of the time, being a main healer cuts most of the fun

Pick a class to smash/slash/point/shoot stuff and go wild~~~~

I had lucky, maybe? Started playing and got a few events that gave away ALOT of atrib points. so all skills I use on the build’s maxed. wich is cool. lol

Today I’ll try to 2man the new hg sewers, check if it’s worth grinding in pt. but I think it’s not worth T_T

I just keep making alts. I have 15 right now and 6 of them are around 400 ish while one of them is 420

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This game’s current PvE endgame consists of:

White Crow Legend Raid
Misrus Hardmode and Normalmode (if youre not strong enough)
Boruta race (but thats a GvG content)
World Boss Race every 4 hours and Moringponia Race

Now, in all seriousness, I would bet that OP isnt even as close to capable of beating misrus yet, so he has a goal.
also with all the billions of CM resets we’re getting, spamming CM7 on alts to solo them is a pretty hard content especially given most alts arent even close to full passives, so theres that too.
idk I find spamming CM7s on my lvl 400 assassin with a T5 weapon pretty fun and difficult, I also enjoy doing the weekly misrus and world bosses

I never, ever, farm stuff as in running around with a SR though, I find that to be the most boring thing in the world.

OP do you do White Crow Legend? I heard pugging those is doable now, but still a really fun and challenging content, same goes for Misrus, have you tried beating it?

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