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Encyclopedia of Wizards

As a wizard who has studied extensively under the tutelage of all wizard masters I’m compelled to write a book which explains all principles of each and every methods of magic they are using.

As I wrote this book, I’m hoping readers, aspiring wizards, and eager students would be able to deepen their knowledge and find their own path of magic.

1. Rune Caster

“Runic characters had been used since before the foundation of the kingdom by smaller northern tribes.
Peculiarly, these people believed that the characters held magical power.
They do not have powers by themselves, but they are a channel for powers that can be manifested through them…
That was the secret behind runic characters.”

Runic character dates back hundred years before medzio diena. It was used as a medium of communication with the goddesses before they descended. Each of the characters represents a specific meaning and -despite not having the powers themselves- have the ability to channel those powers, acting as a medium.

The rune stones that a rune caster uses now are in fact an artificial rune stone that the first rune caster master creates. Artificial rune stone, unlike the real one already contain the power they represent, not just a medium. This is achieved by drawing powers the rune stone channel and contain it in another medium enhanced with several magics, if the object is not being enhanced it will just be affected with the power of rune stone, instead of containing it.

The original rune stone, as mentioned before carry a specific meaning, a concept that in turn can be interpreted as a several other concepts. In harnessing runic power, interpretation is an important key factor. The power governs a root concepts but by defining other concept the power also changes. As example, Rune Isa ( I ) carries the meaning of ice. This “Ice” concept then can be interpreted as “Stillness”. By using this interpretation, it is possible to harness rune isa’s power as a time stop magic, or petrification magic as opposed to freezing magic. In this sense, runic power is limitless so long as the wizard can comprehend it.

It is also believed that there are several dozens of runic characters beside the major 5 rune casters are using since there is no way one can communicate with goddesses with only 5 symbols albeit it can be interpreted with other meaning. I sincerely hope there is new promising individual in this area as I also strive to learn more of the matter. Currently, only the first rune caster is the most knowledgeable individual on the subject since he also received the blessing of the goddess but he is nowhere to be found and there is no way of knowing more of the matter.

2. Thaumaturge

Thaumaturges are wizards that are capable of altering size and mass of an object. This, in a glance may seem simple enough to do, but thaumaturges doesn’t just increases size, they also change some property in the object in question. The property they change varies according to objects they want to alter.

They can choose to alter size, mass, and matter inside the object they wish to change. They can alter mass only up to certain point the “container” allows, to circumvent this they change the container’s size which further decrease or increase the limit of it. Research shown that they can alter matter in nanoscale : in DNA level.

Beginners usually train using monsters caught by instructors as it’s too dangerous to alter body part if the practitioner is inexperienced. Altering size is the most basic technique, they then begin to train altering mass without changing size, and increasing or reducing matter inside the monster. Shrinking and reducing muscle tissues rendering them harmless, or increasing size and mass to extreme point causes difficulty to support their body or even changing the property of their own spells to harm themselves.

After their instructor acknowledges that they’ve understood all the basic things, they began to teach them to empower themselves and their ally.
By increasing the brain cells, improving cell network in brain, and improving lobes in brain they can increase a person’s intelligence and information processing exponentially.

In the case of enhancing arms, they also increase numbers of muscle fiber and number of synapses the nervous system is connected to within a muscle. This will enable the nervous system to contract more motor units which will engage more muscle fibers which in turn get you stronger contraction. They enhance these and increases arm size to make space for more muscle tissues but they keep the mass as is, so as the arm doesn’t get any heavier despite the size increase.

Thaumaturges are required to understand the property of all things perfectly since any mistake, especially when changing body parts can result in a fatal situation which may cost life.


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