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Enchanter class nerfed!

They did nerf the Scout class, specifically the Enchanter class. My build (Enchanter>Rangda>Schwarzer Reiter) it’s a sh1t now!!!

yeah they nerfed for pve but youcan see was focuse more on pvp
increase accuracy party
increase block penetration party
increase stamina % consumption and speed party
increase damage bonus 2k party (with art increase all def party
increase critical rate(buff yourself) they change this buff for lighting hands and enchant lighting if they make this a buff party, make the class OP

no more enchant lighting (buff increase additional damage for party
no more lighting hand (buff for oneself increase additional lighting damage)

so they make it more viable for PVP and sometimes in WBR when boss have alot of accuracy or block ,evasion.

most or removable debuff skill only applied 1 remove skill buff u have 5-10 when u starts they have % of effect dont have 100% (some skills have but is one by one) remember you re not the only one and you are usually behind second lines first line is for tanks and offensive damage with good equip and iframes for avoid some dmg secondline for mages aoe dps range dps control skills. i use it in GTW enchanter increase effect 20-30% (blockpenetration,acurracy, and run with =5 speed help almost of times but yeah that class is more for specialized combat but really suck for PVE and pvp TBL bcoz the time you take set up all buffs you die or other member . linker need mid range and good def for set up but lifeline is good right now , thauma have nice control magic circles but enchan ter is more focused on increase accuracy and block penetration for full tanks and high evasion.

i was playing enchanter in GvG and we see that my party don’t really need enchanter buff cause they have enough bpen/accurracy/

Maybe the movespeed is the only really good buff.

i prefer have a class with more offensive skills, than a class with full buff that ppl can remove easily.
Pretty annoying when a buff is removed and you are in cooldown on this buff.
Sometimes it’s hard to see what buff is removed in a big fight (same for your teammate).

That’s why i think enchanter is just bad in gvg/tbl (same in pve).
IMC killed the class.

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