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Enchant Jewels from aug 27 Leticia Cube still not fixed

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Me too. Already sent 2 tickets but still not fix yet :cry:

For me its bugged too

Hello, I have the same issue. Can we get a time frame when this will be fixed? I remember that an announcement was made that it would be corrected when the cubes were removed which was the last maintenance.


so maint is over…they gave me 1 jewel ox with 1 unique lvl 400 jewel…and i have 1 legend lvl 1 and 10 unique lvl 1…theres something wrong here right…?

Hey there, @Misoman

We’re sending out the compensation items manually and we just haven’t got around sending out the unique jewels yet. You will get them soon. If they havent arrived by this time tomorrow please let us know again and we’ll look into the matter for you :smiley:

so will be replacing the many lvl 1 unique jewels and 1 lvl 1 legend jewel or just sending 1 lvl 400 unique jewel for all those Leticia Drops…?

You will (hopefully) be receiving the amount of Lv 1 jewels you’ve obtained from the Leticia’s Cube. If the numbers don’t add up, please let us know on this thread and we’ll look into it.

Hey Staff Bob,

I just opened a Ticket.
I received 2 Unique Jewels and 1 Legend.

But from Leticia i got 7 Unique and 1 Legend.
So 5 Unique missing.

Server: Fedimian
Team: Pifferling
Name: Nightmare

yeah dont mean to be a nag again but my box only has 1 unique and i got 1 legend and 9 unique from event.

Serv: Kla
IG: Galthana

Still need 1 legend and 8 uni

I got 2 unique jewels and only received 1 compensation… so I still need another one.

Server: Klaipeda
Team name: Hakaze

Server: Klaipeda
Team name: texugo1337
I still have 1 legend and 2 unique level 1 jewels, never got any compensation mail.