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Enable Rune caster's scrolls to be used inside raids again

I main runecaster-warlock, and I find it to be unfare not being able to use a scroll I myself crafted.
Wizard tree is in really bad shape now. Warlock’s damage is totally dependent on ‘double pole of agony’ with arts to barely compete with other classes in CM. Without that inside raids, it will always be outshined by any sword/archer/scout.

Also, enchant fire is really important for AA builds, and these are also in bad shape.

I can see why IMC would do that to cleric’s scrolls, since any class, even those which are already OP, can benefit from that. But runecaster’s are different. The class isn’t even that great to begin with, and without this feature it becomes even worse.


I really hope not.

Every DPS class in the game benefits far too greatly from using these scrolls, and it comes down to how much money you want to spend on having a ton of different scrolls on your hotbar to boost DPS. It’s expensive, unfun, and ruins class uniqueness and originality. If a single class has balance problems, the answer shouldn’t be these scrolls, it should be balance changes to fix the class.

I would rather them be removed from the game entirely, but I’m glad IMC blocked them from being used in end game content.


Pole of agony, Flame ground and enchant fire aren’t game change skills. Not all classes can benefit from them, neither it is worth take time casting skills with no enhance attribute. Unless IMC is willing to double damage on said skills, it is worth bringing them back.

Also, they can help some classes in specific ways: Double spirit spawn for warlocks with pole of agony scroll. 5 hits meteor for Elementalists with no Pyro in the build; Double cast flame ground with enhance attribute for pyro users. They are fun!