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Empty Halloween Bernice dungeon

I think you just got lucky. Have got a few instances where changing channels does nothing to me yesterday.

Two weeks and I’ve been able to enter the first two days of the week only. Hope this gets fixed and we get at least one more week to go or even two, because this is plain stupid…

I have the same issue.
I seem to be able to enter 100% of the time only when the second slot of the grimoire is empty.

Bug still there. A couple tries yesterday and all my chars how face empty dungeon again…

Heh I’ll try that, probably not that simple but worth a try :slight_smile:
Of course it’s shooting oneself in the foot, better hope they fix this and extend the event.

Nope. I was wrong. It’s depends whether the dungeon feels like loading or not. Doesn’t really matter what I do.

So the event still hasn’t been fixed, are they really just gonna end it in two days?
It’s considerably hard to do some of the higher stages, and I only get one or two tries per day, with how the instance is usually empty.

It would be nice if the event was extended.

This is me in the event dungeon every day

Wasted so so so much time continually re-entering… every once in a while it works…


buy some warp or tp town each time fail enters.its a pain but its better to be able to try to finish my first succesful attempt today is after wasting 10 warp scroll just to grab that 1k attribute point lol