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Elementalist Meteor suggestion

Remove flame ground attribute for meteor to do a 5 fake multihit. This makes elementalist require pyromancer and it’s unhealthy.

Instead you might consider the following:
Meteor becomes neutral property, for each elemental buff from Element: Amplify attribute, meteor does an additional line for 50% of its original damage of each corresponding element for which you have a buff.

I would also change elemental essence i’d give it an arts that would be the following;

Elemental Essence : Mastery [Arts]
Focus on a single element in order to remove elemental penalty by 10% per skill level (up to 100%). Additionally, every time you cast a skill of the chosen element, you gain a stack of Mastery. For each stack of mastery final damage done with the element of choice is increased by 5%. Whenever you cast an element which isn’t the one chosen beforehand, all mastery stacks are removed.

In order to choose a mastery simple make it like the healing wheel, Top Fire, Left Ice, Bottom Lightning, right earth. Makes elementalist a class of interest for any monoelemental build; Terramancer, Cryomancer, Pyromancer…

On the other hand we have meteor which will benefit from being multielemental. Additionally Meteor arts could be changed so that instead of doing extra hits, meteor causes a debuff on any target hit;

Astral Burn; +50% dmg taken for 10s
Astral Freeze; 3s Freeze, - 20% dmg done for 10s
Astral Stone; 1,5s Stun -25% mdef and pdef for 10s
Astral Shock; 5s silence, debuff: take +10% damage from all incoming sources as a new line of damage, 10s.


or just remove dmg cap, it’s unhealthy on every class.

what coke did you use?

I like the idea of Meteor being a product of all elements combined, with specific elemental properties depending on the element you choose.
I would also make the skill take on the property of the current Elemental mastery you’re attuned to from elemental essence mastery, and otherwise be neutral property.

Speaking of the elemental essence suggestion. I think casting non-aligned property skills should just reduce the stacks by 2-3 instead of completely removing all of your stack. That would allow you to use elementalists skills, or other single-case non-aligned skills without completely screwing yourself over.
Alternatively, elementalist could have attributes to turn all their skills into each of the 4 properties with additional effects on each property.