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Elementalist build/skills question

Hey, been searching for builds but I can only find outdated ones.

I read Pyro - Ele - Tao is best, but not sure if this was pre-Reb:Build or current. Also, my intention is to take ele first.

As for skills, i’ll have to leave one at lvl 10. I think I’ll have 15 Electrocute, 15 Storm Dust, 5 Meteor, 10 Hail. Wondering if should choose another one instead of Hail not to max.


I’m not sure if Elemental Essence is needed, some say yes some say no. I would definitely take Meteor (ARTS) + Storm Dust as these 2 are the strongest. Remaining points either Electrocute or Fire Claw. Hail could be maxed as it does good damage now too, but if you don’t want to max it, at least get Hail lvl 1 for the freeze.

All Elementalist skills are pretty strong so either way I think it should be fine?

Go for full DPS with Elementalist unless you pair it with Warlock.

5 Meteor + 1 Hail, rest should be split between Electrocute, Storm Dust and Fire Claw. You can go 13/13/13, but iirc Electrocute gives +1 target on each even level so it should probably be at 12 or 14.

Pyro-Ele-Tao for max elemental damage. Your Tao charms will increase all your skills’ damage output.

Didn’t try Meteor arts yet, because regular Meteor + Flame ground does so much damage I don’t think the arted version is better.

arts Meteor is really good

I don’t know if it is intended but right now with the concentrate attribute
you cast the regular meteor and then still get the x3 stacks of slightly weaker ones.
flameground attribute works with it

Oh, i was thikning on not taking fire claw…if it’s better than hail then I guess I may only 1 hail for freeze.

I’ll further check that, thanks for answers.

You can take Hail 1 point for freeze/CC.
Even most Boss loves walking around and make your Hail goes waste, so, 1 point it is.
Unless you can CC them in one place…

If you have Tao, I think better have 14 Electrocute (10 targets)
(use it after Storm, double the targets; for large group of mobs).
12 points is 9 target, 10 points is 8 targets, and so on.

Elemental Essence is good if you like to play with element
(but you must take notice of the mobs’ element).
With max Tri-Disaster, I personally will max it for maximum damage.

Fire Claw is good. Short CD too. I recommend this one than Hail.
You need to be better at measure the (moving) target tho.

If you took Pyro, theoretically Stone Curse is good…
but if working in party, just leave it alone.