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Elementalist Buffs

Hey guys,

I was just wondering what people think about the buffs ele received in the last patch. I know hail got a buff and a few other things but I’m not sure if it’s worth resetting my skills for. Right now I have:

  • Electrocute 14
  • Storm Dust 14
  • Hail 1
  • Fire Claw 1
  • Elemental Essence 10
  • Meteor 5

Any suggestions? Should I move any skill points around? I appreciate any advice :slight_smile:

Edit: If it helps, I play chrono-ele-tao.

thats what I use, feels best to me.

i use
elec 14
dust 1
hail 1
fireclaw 14
ele ess 10
meteor 5

fireclaw’usability is insane now


The must max is Meteor and Elemental Essence (unless you really want to forsake the skill due to the short duration but it is good).

Hail is a 1 point wonder for crowd control. The damage however has been buffed so it is actually worth it to pump more.

Electrocute works best with Taoist Storm Calling. It is just a filler skill when all your skills are on cooldown. I find it not needed for Pyro - Ele - Tao because you already have enough skills. For other builds it is a good filler with 10 sec cd.

Storm Dust is worth it to max for me if you use Pyro - Ele - Tao despite the Fireball + Storm Dust combo nerf. Fire Claw is actually super strong now with 2 overheat.

If you want more single target DPS, definitely get Fire Claw. If not, it depends on your build which AOE filler skill you want.

I’m using…
15 storm dust
13 fire claw
12 hail
5 meteor

Used to have Hail at 1 too… then the damage got buffed. Couldn’t exactly let go of Fire Claw though… it still makes for very strong single-target DPS even if it’s just 2 levels below max.

FB + SD nerf isn’t that bad though… before we used to do 12.33x Fireball’s SFR with the combo. Now we just do 12x. That’s like a 3% nerf? At least only if we’re not counting stuff that deal more damage the more hits there are…

True, I didn’t even consider fireclaw. I’ll try it out at 14 :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m thinking about hail still. I read that it does more dmg based on the enemy’s size, which I think would be useful for CMs but less so for bosses since most of them are large or bigger, so I’m not sure.

Unfortunately I’m chrono-ele-tao so I miss out on some of those synergies. Definitely gonna put more into fireclaw though. Thanks for your advice. :slight_smile:

Guys i got a question that bothers me for a long time now.
I Plan to build an Ele Chrono RC/Pyro,
so i found myself to think about Stonecurse as an Option - not just only for CC, mainly using it to excel with fireclaw and meteor (or other fire spells from pyro)
Because i dont like Tao and Ele cute in this game, id like to ask what you think about following skill distibution:
Stormdust 15
Hail 5
Fire Claw 15
Meteor 5
Stonecurse 5 (6 sec is enough to get meteor and 2 fireclaws to work because of 90% cast time reduction from quickcast and Rod Mastery).

But i dont want to miss elemental essence if its important in endgame content.

But if i would use Elemental essence i have to drop stonecurse and/or some points from hail and fireclaw… :confused:

To me it really depends on whether your last choice is a RC or Pyro. If it’s Pyro, I would drop Hail to lvl 1 and Fire Claw to get Elemental Essence because of Storm Dust + Fireball combo. If it’s RC, there are 2 ways to go about doing it for me.

  • Drop Hail to lvl 1 and drop Storm Dust to get Elemental Essence. Hail would just be used for CC.
  • Drop Storm Dust to 1 and get Elemental Essence, and pur the rest to Hail. In this case, Storm Dust is just a filler skill to finish off low HP mobs, while Hail is your occasional high CD high DMG skill.

Take note that when enemies are “Stone Curse”, they take less damage from non fire skills, so make sure to only use fire skills when they are “Petrified” during that few seconds, and don’t wastefully use other skills just because they are available for use.

thanks for the advice.
I think this one here might be the trade off for elemental essence then.

What do you think?

Yeap to me it looks fine. 5 second Stone Curse is enough to cast 2 Fire Claw.

I have:

Electrocute 10
Storm Dust 10
Hail 1
Fire Claw 9
Stone Curse 10
Meteor 5

Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t find Elemental Essence too useful since it only targets strengths/weaknesses. Still considering ditching Stone Curse since I’m not using it that much and pump the Fire Claw/Storm Dust instead.