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Elementalis or Chrono

Hi im new here to this game. I was a cleric at first but find it lacking in the AOE department, there is just this satisfying feeling seeing your whole screen get wiped, so i switched. My current build right now is Pyro and omny and i was just gonna ask what is better to pair for this two and Ele or a Chrono. I was thinking of going for the Ele for more AOE bonanza but when i read guides. Chrono is the most recommended. Can anyone explain me the pros and cons? Thnx

Elementalist for your current build. Pyromancer + Elementalist synergy currently is too strong. I can clear CM5 faster with just Pyromancer + Elementalist skills, compared to my other sub classes whereby I use 3 classes worth of skills and still take like 30sec to 1min longer for the mob clearing part of CM. You won’t get much value from Chronomancer from your current build.

Of course, going Pyromancer - Elementalist - Onmyoji would also mean you have too many skills to use so you would need to know which skills to prioritize during your skill rotation.

Thanks for the response. I got a general idea on what to use at mobs and on boss.