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Elemental Essence Passive Skill

Did anyone understand what this Passive does? English is not my first language, but I think the translation is confusing. Can anyone explain what “reducing attack property penalties received by enemies by 5%” means?

if you use fire on fire property mobs (or same property attack on property mobs), property penalty (PP) will be 25%, meaning your dmg will be reduce by 25% (you deal 75% of your original dmg)
reduce property penalty mean reduce the part 25% by %.
For example 5% of 25% will be 1.25% reduce then PP = 25%-1.25% = 23.75% (you deal 76.25% of your original dmg)
50% of 25% will be 12.5% reduce then PP = 25%-12.5% = 12.5% (you deal 87.5% of your original dmg)
100% of 25% will be 25% reduce then PP = 25%-25% = 0% (you deal 100% of your original dmg)

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It means your damage reduction against the same or stronger element will be less.

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Just as lumo says. It works like that
Basically it’s maximum usefulness is when you are facing a map where majorities of the enemies have same attribute as your offense skills
Example is like Pyro-Ele-Tao in a map where there’s a lot of fire and electric type monster. Turning on this attribute will do good

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Thanks guys, you helped a lot