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Elem-Pyro_Taoist Help

Current build without stats allocated:

Could use some advice on skill points, what to invest attributes in, and what skill rotations to use.

For skill build, i can’t see your link, therefore i suggest this:

Attribute wise, in the endgame you want to have the skills you use for damage at 100 enhance, and all utility attributes. For ARTS, the most important one is Prominence - Red Jewel.

While starting and leveling i suggest taking Enhance attributes slowly, try to go 10 by 10 with all skills, since it gets way more expensive the more you invest in it, it’s better to first have low investement in a wide variety of skills.

Skill rotation wise, use the longest duration skill / highest CD first, and then the shortest CD and duration in order to have a consistent source of damage.

If you are not in the official reddit discord i suggest you join it to ask questions to any wizard over all servers with more immediate answers.

Link expires in 1 day. i like this build but bild from Arena is nice too

CDC is not really good since the nerf and Divine Punishment right know has really good damage, you can put the rest of the points on CDC if you want to