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Ele RC Onmyoji skill help

Okay so I’m thrilled they added more stuff for all three of these classes but I’m overwhelmed. What the heck do I build now that all of my stuff is reset? Is meteor even good anymore? The heck do I do with the new runes? I’m in serious need of a skill build. Help a sheep out?

First thing you will do is ditch elementalist because it has no synergy with the other two classes that use non property/psycho/earth skills. Instead you can choose between Kino or Terramancer. For the build I can’t tell much, do a research you may find some builds. Too bad TosBase ceased to be… :frowning:

Ele have no synergy with RC Omnyo atm in skill damage other than u can benefit from the Holy Flame Caster Armor ichor Set
You do have good field farming capability with Electrocute - Howling - Wind Shikigami - Toyou.
Strong burst with the elemental burst and meteor.
CC on Hail

Rune caster i m maxing out on Rune of Begining - Rune of Justice - Rune of Destruction - Rune of Rock.

I m playing with RC Omnyo with Sage for 3rd class instead of kino/terra, mainly for the sage passive 40% non property bonus for Synergy on
Howling of white tiger - wind shikigami - Rune of Justice - Rune of destruction

Sage hole of darkness does a ton of damage when your genbu possessed sync to non property+blink paradox art
Dimension Compression to pull mobs in CM/DS and follow with Rune of Justice (very narrow straight line AoE ) + Rune of Destruction + Rune of Rock

Had u tried Ele Cyro Tao yet?

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I haven’t but I really like rune caster and onmyoji, it just so happens that I also really liked sage a while ago but could never fit it into a decent build, until now apparently. Is that build you run really good or would I be missing out on viability by not taking terra or kino?

im theory rafting builds like terra kino rune
and sage rune kino any of them viable? bored of tao and onmyo

Terra kino surely can’t go together cause of difference in goddess armor type, unless you are okay to go with overload set, then it’s a fine build to play, with potential to dual vaivoras and swap for skill rotation.

Sage rune kino same idea as above.

Maybe a sage rune terra can works since they’re all using casting skills. Viable or not I don’t have any idea (it should be), but probably not as competitive as rune onmyo X build or require more investment in gear/gameplay.

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normally with kino as 3rd… is for channeling build with dahlia set - main with kino vvr (or if u r rich with maybe not so viable Lv4 RC vvr)
RC - Rune of repulsion - Rune of Justice Art
Omnyo - YinYang Harmony - Fox Shikigami (to buff kino skill)
Kino - Gravity pole - Psychic pressure

You should probably wait for the next upcoming Omnyo VVR Sage VVR to decide on the 3rd…tbh nothing wrong wiht ele as 3rd…just not so much synergy as i do like field farming with ele rc omnyo

if you like RC-Omnyo…3rd class will be Kino(channeling), Terra(caster), or Sage(Utility)

no synergy on elementalist.

If you dont like kino, terra, or sage…the best would be BOKOR!!!

bokor is the new taoist.

It fits in any build - no synergy but magic def reduction on CoD is just too juicy :smiley: and effigy is a great source of stable and sustained dps (its always on the upper bracket skills in wbr in my pyro-tao-bokor)