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Effigy, a strange Voodoo abomination

I’m not here to talk about the damage, Cooldown, AoE or SP consumption but to point out the logic flaws that the skill features.

In general, Effigy is what people in general know from Voodoo/Horror films, where a physical connection is created between a target and a special doll via a curse.
In this game, the connection is established via the skill Hexing, which curses the target so it can receive the same damage that is dealt to the voodoo doll with a nail.

However, there are two points that perplex me:

  1. the skill is not affected by attack speed

Although the motion of striking out and then stabbing the doll with the nail is a 100% physical exercise, it is not influenced by physical dexterity training at all. It should be influenced,though, because the only thing that is magic is the connection created via Hexing, not the skill Effigy, so there is no reason not to have attack speed influencing the skill.

  1. the skill is affected by magic defence

I’m curious how the developers want to explain this phenomenon. The only thing that creates the damage is the nail driven through the voodoo doll, which should have no defence at all.
The equivalent of the “physical attack” onto the doll is then transfered onto the victim and somehow reduced by its magic defence?

But if that’s how it works, why does the Shadowmancers shadow puppet, which is created by magic, have less or even 0 magic defence although it is a magic creation?
And why is the damage dealt to the shadow not subject of the full magic defence of the target, although the shadow is part of the enemy while the voodoo doll is not?

Is the voodoo doll somehow only transfering a part of the damage to the cursed victim?
Or did the developers not think that much about Bokor skills at all and only began to think about different entities with the introduction/developement of Shadowmancer?

Logically speaking, the damage should not be subject to defence reduction, since it is done to an entity with 0 defence value (voodoo doll) and then transfered to the victim via the curse(which is done exactly the same way as the Shadowmancers skill).

Best solution to this issue would be to give Effigy a defence ignore effect (must not be 100%, 50% would be fine, maybe via a Rank 10 attribute?) so there’s an actual difference between a direct attack from the outside (e.g. Rubric) and from the inside (Effigy).