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Easier Basecamp renew

Something like this please






just in case ppl don’t know, if you want to quickly renew your camp duration by a lot you can just spam click the renew button before clicking ok repeatedly.

well yeah that way you can’t control how much you add unless you count how many times you click the renew button maybe, but it’s easier than clicking renew - ok - renew - ok - renew - ok again and again… :upside_down_face: it’s so troublesome

because waiting for IMC to update the base camp UI would take a long time
we’re not even sure they will do that or not lol


I SUPER AGREE THIS ADDED~ tag IMC to see this~


and also… add a warning dialog box when we click Remove Base Camp.


yes! THIS!
or maybe move the “remove base camp” button to different place as the “renew button”, for example, in the “records” tab (similar to repair shop),
lower the chance of clicking remove by mistake when trying to renew the camp.
(why the heck did they put the “remove base camp” button in the exact place as “renew” button used to be???)

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just give a box where you can input x days then renew will be enough



/20 bumps and humps

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you can spam the renew button first, and spam the ok button.
its also nice to have different design of camp since they got lot of camp design
and squire supposed to be the carrier guy. they should add something like doubling weight or remove the reduce mspd for overweight squire

just use auto click program…

Yes I think we all know this trick… The point is there should be a legit, better way to do this

In before the introduction of these new buttons break/bugs the camps



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