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Earth Tower: Solmiki Area 4 - Kupole Protection Skip

Video Description :

Earth Tower is an old content dated back in 2016. Not a lot of players run this content today because the rewards are not that great, it’s outdated, boring, and consumes a lot of time. Luckily, there is a way to make the run much smoother by using the Kupole Protection Skip for Solmiki Area 4. First thing first, enter the area and clear the first wave!
To perform the Kupole Protection Skip, do not proceed to the next area after clearing the first wave. The next area is protecting Kupole Ruta for five minutes, which is boring and annoying.
Unfortunately, the skip doesn’t work with Lolopanther Area 4 where you have to protect at least one of the Incomplete Star Crystal. However, players can still use the skip on Solmiki Area 4 to grind for Weapons, and use them as appearance!

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From today’s patch notes:

" Earth Tower Protection mission cooldown is decreased to 30 seconds."

So yeah just complete the floor now.