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Earn nothing from selling item


ive play this game for awhile and now lv344
everytime when i sell my item (Equipment) to NPC shop i didnt get any money from selling it
but in the other hand i start playing new character and it getting money from selling item
so my question is is it normal or what happend to my ID

ty alot!


All items have their Sell price for npc at the bottom of their description and most aren’t worth selling at least not to NPC…

try finding other uses for them like feed gems and things like that :slight_smile:


unidentified (or even if you identify them) gear don’t have any silver value when sold to NPC, go to the blacksmith and dismantle them for nucle/sierra powder that you can sell in market. Early levels tend to drop old gear that still has silver value when sold to NPC which is probably why you find it inconsistent.


ty dude i was wondering it for awhile but i know it !