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DWA how it work

Hi, I just made my corsair and I took DWA, but I can not understand how it works? thanks

oh ok, I played now by convulsing on my keyboard … I liked my scout but it’s a bit boring to tap the chain on the keyboard, I hope there will be a change on this competence that it is done “automatically”

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Yes that’s been the issue with DWA since forever. Pressing (or more like smashing) your Z while holding down C is not the best and most comfortable way to play. Not to mention you still have to use other keys for other skills.

But as far as ktest is right now, there’s no change.

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Hi, I’m coming back to my post for advice on my build.
I will leave on a scout> assa> corsair> linker.
With this build can I do pve / pvp?
Which skill should I change?

Merci :slight_smile:

It’s a quite standard assassin build imo.

Probably few points in hook if you wanna PvP.

I personally don’t like double weapon assault and jolly roger (duration too short for my taste, even though most people will think I’m dumb). Max dust devil and maybe a few points in hexen or even impale dagger.

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