Dungeon UI freeze


Hey, does anyone know what causes this? i’ve seen a lot of people get this bug since the big update and its getting really annoying now, is it addons that cause it? does anyone know a workaround?



I have the same problem, the UI freezes during the dungeon.


Also here. Does not show hp of mobs, skill buffs, mp and stamina status, percentage, nothing.
I followed those steps and it did not work


same for me, so i dont think its addons thats causing it, plus a friend uses addons too and she doesnt get the bug :Y really hoping they fix that in the next patch, its getting really annoying :Y


Ohh that UI freeze in dungeon.

Yeah happens to me as well. Had to wait for a minute before getting kicked out of the dungeon because of that.


I reinstalled the game and still bug.


Some conflict with addons. You can uninstall all of you addons or wait they fix


I’m not using add-ons, I even deleted the add-ons folder, add-on manager and the whole tree of savior folder in order to do a clean install :confused:
I’m not sure If im doing something wrong.
The good side is that this doesn’t always happen…


Is there still no resolution for this?

I’ve uninstalled all add-ons, deleted all add-on files, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and the UI locks up every dungeon I enter. It’s so annoying that I generally just log out every time I run into it and don’t bother playing for a week or so.

Oddly, this doesn’t happen on another computer I have access to, just this one, and the specs of the two are very similar. I have no clue what could be going on.


Yeah still not permanently fixed.

The only thing that worked for me is to change the language (ex. to kr) and back to english…
although it is not a 100% working solution…


I’m having the same problem, I do not use any addon


tagging @STAFF_Bob since it seems he’s active (I hope so), and yes, still bugged for me.


alright I’ll look into this guys thank you for the report.


Just to add, it doesn’t happen on all instance dungeons. It only happens for instance dungeons when queuing. EG. Enter 330 dungeon normally with other people, no bug. Queue 330 dungeon, bug. Even if we leave the dungeon by closing the game and reentering the queued dungeon, it will still be bugged. I wanna suggest looking into the queueing system, might have a problem there

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