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Dungeon Camper + Toxic Behavior

  • Reason for report :

  • Server : Sea - Telsiai

  • Team Name : Ese

  • Location : Level 330 Dungeon

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : Oct. 15, 2018 / 8:08 am (Server Time)

  • Evidence

Hopefully they get dungeon banned, keep up the reports so IMC is forced to take action.

I don’t know about other servers but in Deadimian we have players afk FOR years never banned ( only 1 was punished).

We have a famous account /alt JIKIA where people just leave dungeon upon seeing him

I wish IMC would implement a system where if a player doesn’t attack for a minute they will be kicked out of the dungeon

Obligatory “F*ck JIKIA!”

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You can’t even lure mobs to the AFKer, they don’t unaggro you… otherwise that would be a good way to get rid of them, especially if they come naked in the dungeon.

lure and use fade?

have encountered this JIKIA Oct 17 2018. This person is well known to others as AFK toxic…

How many of you are actually reporting JIKIA using the in-game report function for disruptive gameplay? Allegedly it prevents people from queuing if “enough” people reports the same person.

I’ve never actually reported him in game as some of us leave the dungeon instantly when we see him. I’ll report him here when I come across him again.

and how long is it going to prevent him queuing? hours, days? i think up to this day, there are already enough people report him…
and this JIKIA is some special case, when some people might afk once or twice doing run, JIKIA is 100% guaranteed to afk doing any run =3=
and as you can see in ss above we can say he dont have any gear equipped…

maybe staff can give proper explanation about how this in-game report works… or is there patch note about it?
How many people needed to report before they are prevented to que dungeon?
and for how long? @GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri

I’ve no idea how long the “block” lasts for, someone else might know.

I heard only very recently of this from csiko, a fellow forumer. But yes I agree something should be done against JIKIA. Ideally act on the main account too if this JIKIA account is just a secondary account.

I always report him. I know my guildies do report him as well. Maybe needs 100 consecutive reports? :laughing:

J… I… K… I… A

JIKIA Is King in AFK


Why doesn’t IMC perma ban someone from dungeons who is a frequent afker or at least a one week ban from dungeons??
@STAFF_Yuri @GM_Francis