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Dungeon Away From Keyboard(afk) - Daiichi (VIDEO PROOF)

read proof admins / mods / players please

Player talking trash after getting exposed:

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How to report someone:

1.) Right click their name in your party window.
2.) Select “Report player”
3.) Pick an option, for AFKs you can just pick other, but it doesn’t really matter
4.) Click Ok


How not to report someone:

1.) Begin recording
2.) Say “Hold on let me report this person”
3.) Never actually report them

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Watch the video you dumb animal before commenting your trash

Give me a timestamp of where you report them, I watched most of it and didn’t see one.

Edit: Better question would be why did you make a thread if you already reported them? And why are you being such a spazz about it?

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You realize this is the forum? Did you mean to put in a ticket? When you post on a forum, people can reply however they want to.

It’s almost like all you had to do was report them in game.


Don’t be a dick, let TC use the forum section for what it exist…

as long as he reported in-game and send a thicket, then you shouldn’t be been such an ass about it :expressionless:

everyone with a complain or problem can make a thread, THAT is why people make threads…

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stop defending leechers, and don’t tell me what to do.

I am in no way defending leechers, I’m just saying that if everyone reports the guy in game, this stops happening.

Making a thread does literally nothing.


costa i think you found your calling in life

Lmao sure, since when does IMC actually care from in-game reports with a decent priority? unless u make urself heard on forums they wont do a single thing

Sticking to just in-game reports and tickets lead us to a pasive and incompetent gaming enviroment where nobody gets the punishment they deserve and let absolute pieces of :poop: like, Mr Cuckphoonz (Aka Over.Kuck) to spread lies, defend leeching and afk looting on forum threads despite the proofs

So i consider its better to highlight this problem on the forums before these afk parasites make ToS just unbearable to play to the point it dies (no matter how much Mr Kuckphoonz TP, he cant keep the server alive alove :c )

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First, learn the definition of Cuck, and use it correctly for Once.

Second, im going to go back and report each one of the Nasty ass comments youve left. You can disagree all you want with whomever you want but youve been Specifically vulgar and insulting, while adding Nothing to the conversations. Every post of yours ive Ever seen regardless of topic has been laden with teen IM-A-BADASS angst. Youre a clown, and a jerk, and i hope you get a nice vacation to think about things. :wink:


It’s actually a new system implemented with rank 10, and automated. Most people think exactly what you do, which is why they don’t ever use it. But if you report people in game, after a certain number of reports, they can’t even queue anymore.


Where did you get this from? There is a very severe chronic AFKer in the SEA server whom I believe had been reported more than just simply 10s of times using the in-game report feature. But this person still appears in the DG, on a daily basis.


all the people mad about me reporting people who afk in dungeons probably have guild members who afk all the time or afk themselves in dungeons. They also probably support socialism and communism in real life.

How did afkiing in dungeons turn into socialism and Communism?

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They may say they’re reporting them and aren’t, because they don’t know that you can do it in game. But I’ve seen people complaining that they were reported and unable to queue again.

Reread the thread, you were the only person who freaked out when being told to report someone in game with pretty reasonable instruction because most people literally don’t know.

Yeah because ensuring people take personal responsibility is such a socialist thing. :thinking:


If it’s working properly instances and even Challenge Modes will become unjoinable.

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i think this is why some notorious afkers had changed names recently ‘w’; they probably can’t enter dungeons that they made new ones i suppose?

I’ve been reporting them for WEEKS, and I still see those guys around, funny thing, they belong to mr cuk’s guild as well :hey:

If the forum report from carebears like u works just as in-game reports for afk parasites, then i can expect nothing lmao

Also, the “cuck”, “cuckphoonz”, and other stuff against Over(cuck)Kill aka Ty(cuck)phoonz is something he knows already, nothing to do with you ;> he understands clearly, also, someone who scams and protects awful behaviour from their guildmates and even lie to keep it without punishment doesnt belong any respect.

If u feel my words hurt u in some way, well sorry (notsorry), if u tought it was just to show off some weird attitude u just made up, well, sorry (not sorry) again, but that was just some “niche” stuff

Also i could report ur nickname since i find it “not suitable” for a game with minors



Talking about “nasty ass” i found ur profile pic on google :haha:

Your ugly face