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Dungeon AFK+admitting to it

  • Reason for reporting the player: AFK in dungeon for several runs, actually admitting to it as well
  • Server: Telsiai
  • Team name: Ephemeral
  • Evidence
    He AFK’d for 3 runs. I warned him the 2nd run and he got mad. The 3rd run I just left the dungeon and requeue.

If you think this is ok, let’s all play healers and afk, he is kabba and we know Kabba helps a lot on low dps teams.

The other day I called out this RickFrost guy for afk leeching in lvl dun. It was Salus rota where everyone needs to contribute their bits.

Suddenly he start going explosive citing he was not afk, he play one hand citing his left hands hurt, and proceed calling me noob. Like, who tf who cares about your hand? If you are too sick to play then go to hospital or hospice or something.

And the best thing is in his desperate attempt to insult me he said “oh”, “your from small guild”
I facepalmed so hard. So what? you think are entitled to afk because are are in TentacleGrape? is your guild is that great? where do I sign up? and really? you are picking on my 1 man, dilgele farm guild?

dont mind him that guy has issues xD