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Druid Vaivora Suggestion

The idea is to make both transform useable and fun to play with various builds… and yeah i’m druid freak

2h Blunt Vaivora - Full Moon:

  • CON 330
  • Block 735
  • Evasion 735
  • Accuracy 735
  • Critical rate 735
  • Block Penetration 735
  • Movement speed +3
  • Stamina 70
  • Lycanthropy skill level +3

Full Moon:

  • Lycanthropy skill cooldown is fixed at 5 second(s), duration is removed, now switches between Lycanthropy and Lycanthropy: Human form (transform can be removed by right-clicking on the buff)
  • Equalizing the highest value of magic attack and physical attack (for example when your magic attack is 20k and physical attack is 15k it will result in 20k magic attack and 20k physical attack)
  • Druid: Wolf Spirit attribute effect is changed to increase the duration of buffs
  • Immune to slow (includes overweight :D)
  • Stamina regeneration is doubled
  • Jump and Sprint doesn’t consume stamina
  • Lycanthropy skills will consume stamina based on it’s cooldown for additional effects (skills with no cooldown like Scratch will consume 3 stamina)


  • Howls while transform to taunt monsters in a large area for 5 second(s) reducing their attack and defense based on lycanthropy skill level, greatly increases threat.

Lycanthropy: Human Form

  • Evades all attacks and loses all threat while transforming for 1 second(s), apply regeneration on self for 5 second(s) based on damage taken while in Lycanthropy form (regenerates damage taken over 5 second(s))

Vaivora lv4: Feral

  • Lycanthropy’s Attack range of Scratch, Slash, Wild Breath, Warcry is increased by 100% and ignore enemy AoE Defense Ratio
  • Increses damage of Scratch, Slash, Wild Breath, Warcry by 20% of max stamina (ex. 200 sta = 40% damage)
  • Scratch and Slash apply Massive Bleeding for 30 second(s) deal damage every 1 second(s) stacking the effect reduces damage interval up to 0.1 second(s)
  • Wild Breath knock down for 1 second(s), Increases damage to targets that cannot be knocked down by 100%
  • Warcry apply Shock and Fear on enemies and increases effect of debuffs on them


  • Magic and Physical attack buffs should apply separately
  • Lycanthropy form should be able to block attack like wielding a shield… it’s said that werewolf fur is strong enough to resist melee weapons
  • Sorry for mistakes … if something is unclear it is because of a language barrier
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its already decided that vv druid effect is to recycle the nerfed thorn hits.
or maybe out of nowhere the effect is boosting carnivory.
or seed bomb.
or increase transform and shapeshifting skill by+10.

Carnivory +3, summon twice the amount of plants (or 1 additional plant per skill level)

lv 4 effect: plants don’t wither and keep Chortasmata up at the place its summoned, allowing to fill the whole area with plants and grass over time

then economy collapses due to many players monopolizing maps and TOS finally closes down in 2025.


But yeah, Druid vaivora will probably do something about the plant side, which has been deemed the main focus of Druid since Re:build.
I wonder why they even kept transform and shapeshifting until now, none uses them anymore, just like Clairvoyance and Resetting on Oracle, they are relics from another time when they were still useful.

Buff my Lycanthropy WOlf form

Doesnt matter if its decided or not each skill can have its own vaivora

Mby they are out of ideas thats why im here to help