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Druid: Transformation Specialty bug or not?

Hello! So I was checking the new updates in my attributes and arts of my character after the new patch when I noticed that my critical rate doesn’t increase when the atribute (Druid: Transformation Specialty) turned on. As stated in the description, this attribute will increase critical rate by 10%. The evasion and HP recovery works fine. Is this a bug or not?

Greetings, savior!
Thank you for reporting the issue:)
I’d like to ask you to check the critical rate after turning the attribution “Druid: Transformation Speciality” on/off during in shape shifting.
If the matter is persisted, please send us the ticket with video.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Update is not automatic. You have to recast the Lycanthropy skill. Also do you have the “simplified” version of Lycanthropy from the art? If so I don’t think you get a CR boost anymore.

Okay, will do this later.

What’s the “simplified” lycanthropy from the arts? I think I have all of the arts for lycanthropy already.

there is 3 form of lycanthropy :
wolfie (normal), awoo (attribut), and aura (art)
maybe he mention the aura one.

Art: Wolf Spirit (not to be confused with Attribute: Wolf Spirit which gives +10% to everything). The art removes transformation to demi-lycan (you stay in human form) but only boosts damage instead of damage + CR.