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Druid/pala/inquisitor or druid/plague/exorcist

So do you think it’s better a physical cleric or a magic one? i have some experience with the first one, never tried the second, but since crusader is comeing maybe magic cleric is better.
Also, would you put crusader in the magic build? maybe at the place of exo?
Some tips on stats distribution?
May I ask you if you have build simulation for something related to these? I have my palaquisitor build but i’m not a good player so i would like to hear some thoughts on yours too :slight_smile:
this is my build
Maybe zealot is better than inquisitor? I don’t know but i mostly use just judgment and god smash


you are right

yes, no - dont replace exo

full CON

Yours is ok.

No, zealot is better than paladin.

druid/exo/crusaider soon <3

At the place of PD. Tomorrow I hope.
(reminds me druid/exo is my current alt and is only level 250… need to make a quick leveling up session tonight :wink: )

physical. Magic has no longer any advantage over physical as physical clerics have def ignore and def reduction skills.
Physical clerics benefit from attack speed boost (animation delay reduction on many skills, allowing them to use their skills in faster succession) and many debuffs from other non-cleric classes in party play (e.g. slash/strike damage increase debuffs, defense decrease debuffs), while magic clerics are mainly locked to cleric support (e.g.capella,zalciai,conviction,lycanthropy,kagura,sweeping; lethargy,rune of destruction are magic supports from wizard).

Magic clerics might get the upper hand again if the new giltine raid will feature a dark property giltine boss, since the strongest magic skills on cleric are all holy property(including crusader).

how would you setup a physical cleric right now?

could be:

would say those.