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Druid > Inqui > ?/Chaplain/Monk/Zealot?


I’m getting extremely close to my 3rd class andvancement on my druid-inqui character right now and I still can’t decide what to take as 3rd class.

It’s obviously a phys build with druid mainly for demi form, focused on PvE.

So my thoughts right now are:

Chaplain - for AA synergy with demi form and inqui for those huge dmg skills. So a mainly AA build with some skills fillups. Would it work? Would it be good?


Monk - I know it’s bad right now, but I also know that it will get buffed, it’s combo will get a nice def ignore value, the shield buff will be increased etc. I know that double punch doesn’t work with demi (at least that’s what someone told me, after testing it), so this would be a build focused on skills for dmg, not AA.


Zealot - ??? - I never tried it, no idea how it works, only heard it’s a good addition.

? - ??? - some other propositions from you guys (and girls)?

P.S. About example builds I made - one point in Pear, becouse it can combo nicely with Seed bomb from druid. Shapeshift and Transform from druid purely for fun and RP purposes.