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Druid > Crusader > Exo Build, HELP

Well, i want really badly to make a character with these classes, but i have no idea about what skills i should pick. Please, help :c

For crusader,
chant 5
protection of goddess 5
sacred 10
retaliation 10
condemn 10
5 free points

Don’t ever max that shitty holy smash skill, the animation delay is terrible, especially on a build that already has so many strong skills with short CD and channeling/cast time (rubric, aqua benedicta, katadikazo, sacred).

For exorcist
rubric 15
entity 1
engkrateia 1
gregorate 10
katadikazo 5
rest spent in either only aqua benedicta
or split between aqua benedicta and koinonia (high potential damage but not recommended unless you do party content with a capable team)

Exorcist is straight forward, rubric is the highest damage skill, gregorate will boost your holy property damage on enemies by 20% (affects all holy property skills, so crusader skills benefit here,too),
entity to mob monsters together for your aqua benedicta+katadikazo combo (and your crusader skills that have only a small AoE), engkrateia to give you a 6 seconds shield that allows you to survive all damage with 1 HP and make immune to knockdown/knockback (useful when channeling rubric/sacred).

No idea on druid, never liked the class, imo it should be nerfed so people have other options instead of a master of damage boost, healing boost and movement speed boost in one class.

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