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Druid as a Summoner?

Someone has tried Druid as a summoner build? harsh imperator, isgarinty, liris(?) etc etc? i aways liked playing as summoner (sorc, necro, rip old bokor) and was plaining on trying a druid-diev-miko build, could work or i’m just crazy and trowing money away?

Carnivory is physical strike dmg and the owls are magical non-property magical damage, i was going to farm Carnivory and Carve Owl gems, so i would summon 10 plants + 5 owls, but my concern is if Harh imperator would buff my owls

as far as i know, harsh imperator affects the owl statue - it is counted as summon
you might want to check this yt channel from a hardcore diev DPS player from Telsiai, ililililili

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thank you <3 i will follow him, so, now i know the owls work, but what about the Carnivory? :tired:

im just baffled as to what was the point in this skills existence, its a damaging skill with no damage despite being changes to Druid.

i try using diev/druid/miko and well… carnivory is a joke, a not funny joke. I used my sorcerer set soo weapon (vv4 sorc) dagger coordnation, set kartas e karaliene isgarinti. i did not damage in wbr e.e is realy sad. Carnivory did a very very low damage, summon damage just became bigger than hamaya cause i use owl statue.

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maybe Aukuras works? it boosts skill damage by 26k at max attribute lvl 15.

Edit: After some testing, Aukuras doesn’t work on the plants, only on Chortasmatas rash debuff.
The damage scaling seems to be very low, with 6k attack and 530 SPR the plants only deal 500-700 damage per hit average.

thank you guys, i killed my druid :c carnivory is terrible, just plain terrible. I even got a carnivory gem but the dmg is like 4 hits of 600, as my owls deal 500k per second, Diev/miko is realy fun and viable if you stack Int/spr and maximize clap, they deal non property magical dmg, i need to try with crusader chants to see if they became holy dmg, but i think it wont work

Carnivory plants have a 12% sfr for their attack.