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Dropped Paper in Ramstis Ridge

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time : October 31, 2015

Bug Description : Clicked on Dropped Paper in Ramstis Ridge.
Text appeared as First Space 8.
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Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Go up to paper.
  2. Hit spacebar.
  3. Text appears

Screenshots / Video :
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its really a bug? when i clicked it appears: third space 1. Maybe a hidden quest?

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I think its a hidden quest found 4 scraps total and they say
First space 0
Second space 9
Third space 0
Fourth space 8

must be a code for something

where did you found all that scraps?

I found 4 paper sheets too, but the sequence was:
First space 6
Second space 5
Third space 4
Fourth space 9

this is a hidden quest the NPC you give the 4 digit code to only appears at a specific time though.

Can’t find any info on the “specific time” part.
Any clues?

Anyone have info about this mysterious npc? Where does it appear and the time?

  • Suspicious favor of the messenger : **Credit to Nishikawa, Ayalon, nizidr)
    Map : Ramstis Ridge
    Requirement : ??
    Reward : Weight Potion
    How to unlock : Check the 4 papers in map and note all numbers (Not sure if it need to trigger up his quest or not). Around 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Errand Man NPC will appear at south east bridge island area. Type number ‘xxxx’ near him and try walk around him a bit to make quest trigger up.

taken from hidden quest post from other site… do check em out…

I’ve done all steps, but NPC are doing nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Where i can find paper with second space?

Look at the map

I don’t think you are a high enough level yet. The quest takes you to Fedimian so you’ve had to at least been there. I’m not sure if it is a level check that is in place or just a check to make sure you’ve visited Fedimian before, but, either way it won’t seem to trigger earlier in the game until you can get there.

I did this a few times unsuccessfully earlier in the release until I realized the second half of the quest takes you to Fedimian, so I waited until I leveled up more and got there then the NPC gave me the delivery quest.

Hope this helps!

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