Tree of Savior

Drop rates, Exp events, Mats events


I think drop rates and exp events is a good way for newbie and returnee to catch up? especially the eq’s. Old player can benefit from these events as well and it helps the newbie and returnee as well. The current state is almost everyone is already at the end hierarchy and no one wanna do lower dg/cm thus the lower hierarchy is like empty and newbie/returnee having hard time. But by doing events like this, higher hierarchy players would have reason to farm up mats, lvling new alts thus filling up the lower hierarchy space. Everyone benefits from it?

Just a though on the current tos situation because the lower level dg/cm and newbie/returnee that never did raid before are excluded not to mention most veteran already have their own pt for velcoffer, solmeme. No ppl will do lower solmeme floors and the new players cant gear up.