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Dragoon serpentine re:build crit


From the description is this a guaranteed crit or just more crit?

I’ve tried dethrone, Reiti rete, frozen enemies which should be an immobilize but I don’t see any difference =/ is this bugged or am I missing a skill to immobilize things? are there other skills where this works reliably?



Re:Build Class Changes -> Dragoon changes -> - “Serpentine - now has a guaranteed critical hit if the enemy’s movement speed is reduced. Bleeding and Additional Damage attributes removed.”

Help IMC T.T


with the crazy helmet sp usage I rarely see dragoons anymore to exchange info with :frowning:

So far it’s only the Montano’s slow debuff that works with serpentine, the devs should’ve replaced the criteria to ‘shock’ or ‘fear’ instead… could’ve been a better skill if it’s more reliable. ‘Immobile’ is just so vague, and dethrone is labelled as ‘trap’ -__-

update: serpentine can reliably crit with dethrone when going against bosses, that’s pretty much it