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Dragoon PvE build?

Hello, everyone! I’m a returning player and I would like to receive some suggestions and builds from you. I’ve heard from a friend that Hoplite-Dragoon-Retiarius is a good build, but dunno how to spend my points.

it’s horrible, I already tested it. If you don’t mind to use sword on your second slot make a dragoon > doppel > blossom blader, or wait until the cataphract patch to use dragoon > hopli > cata. If you don’t mind to lack in dps you can do the one that your friend suggested.

well, Retiarius don’t have any synergy with other classes. So i would suggest changing it, unless you plan on doing pvp.

Hoplite right now and in the future is the Strongest swordsman class. And Dragoon only exists for the damage buff.

on Hoplite they put 1 point on Finestra(or 0), 0 on Spear Lunge. Max on Pierce, Syncrotrust, Stabbing and Sharp Spear. The remaining points on Spear Throw.

I dont know about Dragoon

You can try Hop, Dragoon, Blossom

Thanks for the advice! Which armor should I use: leather or plate?

See this site have much builds