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Dragoon 2 or Lancer - the moment of decision tomorrow

Who’s going to be sweating when they hit that change job button?

You’re pretty much determining your fate by clicking that button. Even if you have prepared, when it is time to click that button you will always think twice - no going back (at least for now)

Dragoon 2 !


  • Dragoon 2!
  • Lancer 1!

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Inb4 rank 9 ■■■■■ your build up


I don’t have a dragoon but I need more dragoons in the game to beef up my fencer

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Here I made a better poll:

  • Damage (PVP & PVE)
  • Utility (PVP only)

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It´s not that Hard.
If you finally want revenge on the damn Cleric/Wizzard chose Lancer if you want pvm/pvp chose Dragoon.

After watching some pvp videos I want a Lancer too but i think sword3/cata3 isnt great as First main char Q_Q

Well from the looks of it, Lancer is better with Cata and looks more to PvP. Perfect for countering magical bastards and against other Cata, probably. I’ll be taking Dragoon 2 since it looks like a good choice for me. Due to the serpentine’s buff and the long range Dethrone. Hopefully it is good based on what they say.

You know is a serious poll when there is no HuE option.


Lol when rank 7 came out and people complained about C1 dragoon not being strong enough.

Inb4 rank 9 and Dragoon 3’s are complaining because Lancer C2’s are wrecking house.

Wrecking house… In PvP i guess u mean? Lancer should not ever be wrecking house in PvE.

Dragoon c3 should get dragoon jump anyways. Tbh dragoon is popular in any MMO just based on the name and reputation.

Besides, even tho dragoon c1 sucked it is still a popular class cuz other r7 classes suck just as much or even more.

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I believe if you have Hop2, then you go Dragoon. If you have Cata, then go Lancer.

this is just a bunch of text

The problem is, Dragoon is so ridiculous that even in PVP,Dethrone can wipe full parties.

So in a sense it’s better than Lancer even on PVP.

I tell you what will really happen that will make you sweat:
You hit that button and choose your class, but… nothing happens!
You cant advance unless you reroll and do all the lvling again!
Nasty bug, but hey, its Tree of Masochism,
You will get IMC’ed!

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Before you compare please keep in mind that lancer is still C1 and dragoon is already C2.

I personally taking both since i have 2 catas but I’m having lancer as my main, at C2 it could ignore enemy magic circles specially raise/stop which are few of our primary weakness.

I think this image tell u something :slight_smile:

Dethrone for PvP it’s an insta auto kill if the other team has a Kabbalist with r7x. Which is 70% of TBL matches. It’s straight forward:
Lancer = PvP
Dragoon2 = PvE, world boss. (We need more of these to improve physical damage in PvE )

LOL at that Murmillo on top of that chart. @whatifwearealiens

With zoomy you can tell what’s on the other team and act accordingly. Auto kill if you don’t have zoomy, I guess…then again 70% uses it by now.

Can’t you also jump and avoid dethrone? Maybe I’m trippin balls or that’s what I saw a few times from ktos matches.

Don’t get me wrong, it works, actually, pretty savage build with a sw3cata3 but team wise, i think Lancer would be more useful. TBL is so imbalanced that with a proper weapon trascended, you can take down the other party just in a Rush.
Dethrone would be like that moment on Mortal Kombat when you choose which skill to make a Fatality/Brutality to your opponent. Good memories.