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Dragontooth nerf?

Don’t even which skill to rank anymore. The only good skills are Dethrone, and Gae Bulg now.

Also how do you hide the ugly helmet?

you can only “nerf” it to smaller helmet with attribute, there was a bug for wigs to compeletely hide the helmet, but i think it no longer works now.

you can still use dragoontooth, it isn’t too bad, at least it is spamable and no-cast time now

what do you mean it isn’t too bad, it’s worse than cataphract’s doom spike now without helmet.

so, how do you nerf it to smaller helmet? you mean the one that reduces it to +25% damage? eww…

Max or put all your left overs into serpentine, the skill does decent damage if you have hoplite’s sharp spear if you always use dragon fear beforehand and has 15 second cool down.

Tried serpentine out. The hitbox is still atrocious. I see they sped up the animation of dragon tooth, it’s not as bad as I thought originally. It’s still the best filler skill for me.

Dragontooth was indeed nerfed but just by a little bit, it is still very good, definitely way better than Serpentine, numbers might not look great but you cant ignore the DEF ignore portion of it and the extra crit damage

It being 3 OH does kinda help with regular mobing now, specially in CM, since you will most likely still oneshot stuff in lower lvls and the damage of the 3 OH combined is just a little less than the original Dragontooth

make dragoontooth CD to 20 sec and it will be really good