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Dragon Soar Worth It?

Level 380 - Barb/Dopp/Drag - Atk = 10k+

I need help deciding if I should get this skill. I have read forum posts that this is a “must have/best skill,” but its performance has been underwhelming at best. The SFR isn’t great and even with the different attributes, it barely compares to sturtzhau from the dop. tree. With the setup to max damage and the insane sp drain, I don’t feel like its a worthwhile skill especially when I am running higher level CMs (stationary animation that doesn’t get the job done hurts).

Thus I am assuming I am doing something wrong. Could someone just walk me through this skill; maybe provide some damage calculations?

My current play style is meant for fun so I usually cycle through the sword skills first and then some combination of tooth–>dethrone–>gae bulg. Dragon Fall is my escape skill when i get hit locked since the charge time/animation delay makes it a poor skill for spamming.

My biggest assumption as to why it sucks is cause my weapon sucks (about 9k damage). Any help would be appreciated.

— posting this on reddit too for my opinions —

Dragon Soar used to be very good before, but since the SFR updates it is extremely underwhelming, not worth to level at all, even at level 15 it does about 200% more SFR than Serpentine at level 1, just 2 points on Serpentine beats it in damage, Dragon Soar does get 3 OH but the sp drain and the skill points that could be better used on any other skill its not worth it

Personally i only put 1 point on Dragon Soar just to use it as filler for my rotation, the again, i run Barb-Hop-Dragoon, so my skill rotation is shorter, since you are running Doppel you should be fine if you skip Dragon Soar altogether

As Dragoon you should max Dragontooth and Dethrone, thats the big boy damage for Dragoon, Gae Bulg does insane damage too especially with its synergy with Dethrone, but since it has a higher CD i prefer to max Dragontooth and Dethrone first, then just dump the remaining points into Gae Bulg

Right now, Dragon Soar just cant compete with the other skills damage, its only function is to do Shock to combo with Dragon Fall, but you have an extra Shock source from Doppel, so i’d recommend you to just skip the skill as the damage is too low to even fit in a rotation

Which is better for CM in general Serpentine or Gae Bulg?

I’d say Gae Bulg, specially with your build, Doppel alone gives enough dps for the CM, Gae Bulg is on a high CD but i guarantee you it’ll nuke everything on the map, even at CM6 and it is super good on bosses with Dethrone debuff

I take 1 point on Serpentine, the rest on Gae Bulg, Serpentine damage at level 1 is enough to clear CM 1-5

Ohh and also as a side note, if you’re not very familiar with Dragoon, one super important tip; get a lot of AoE Attack Ratio gear, Dragoon skills lack any AoE Attack Ratio, except for Dragon Fall, that skill has true AoE which is super good, but the rest of the skills lack any and it is not worth to invest 10 points into Dragon Fear, the easiest and cheapest way is to get 3 Centaur cards, that alone is enough to get you through CM5

Soar and Serp(serp has been trash since it lost the debuff) are garbage now compared to your other options. I would focus on Tooth and Bulg instead, make sure you max dethrone and fall as well.