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DPS Cleric: Physical or Magic?

Hi, I’m planning to build another cleric(I already got a support cleric) but as a DPS class. I know DPS clerics cannot be compared to top tier meta builds from wizard and swordsman but having another source of Heal while doing decent damage is quite a good thing specially on group contents.

So…Should I go Magic or Physical? I’m not sure which is better on damage but i got builds in my mind for both

Inquisitor - Zealot - Paladin (paladin for unli source of SP, and quite tanky)
Inquisitor - Zealot - Druid (druid for wolf self buffs and healing grass)
Inquisitor - Paladin - Druid (more utility but lower damage compare to other 2 above)
not interested on Monk and Chaplains coz its kinda weak - monk is fun tho

Crusader - Exorcist - Druid (META but as far as possible, I want to avoid meta builds lol)
Crusader - Exorcist - Paladin(again paladin for unli SP and tankiness, can be converted to magic class)
Crusader - Exorcist - Sadhu (sadhu is sadddd but has the highest Int stat in cleric - just for the stats)
Crusader - Exorcist - X (coz Crusader and Exo are the best in DPS for magic clerics)

Im not sure which is better between Magic and Physical clerics but I might probably choose the build with paladin for both(SP and HP is life)

Magic DPS Cleric, no doubt about that.

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Magical. They have better DPS, better survivability, better party support.
There’s pretty much no reason to play physical clerics over magicals, unless you like the class aesthetically.

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