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Doubts about big monsters

Big monsters are clearly harder than normal monsters, but I don’t see them dropping extra items or silver, neither giving higher exp. Should they drop more? I just don’t know if ignore them or kill them.

in my experience they sometimes drop lots of silver and other times they don’t. they do drop extra items. I got 2 blue cubes from one in a hg. I dunno about the extra exp, I never pay attention to that.

I think that is randomized, I often get silver.

As far as I remember this is what happen to me:

  • 40% if the time I get silver.
  • 10% of the time I get double mat/gems/recipes.
  • 50% of the time I get 2 silver coins on the ground (my guess is the amount of silver the same monster but normal type drop doubled).

This seems about right. Probably more like 5% for mats

Sometimes elites drop nothing to me, this happen with you too?

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It’s happening with me too. I have to pray to goddess for silver everytime I kill a elite monster

the elites drop me anything, any solutions?