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Double weapon assault has no effect?

I’m not completely sure if I have too much attack speed or what, but Double weapon assault has 0 effect as far as I’m concerned. I’m testing Scout > Corsair > Enchanter > Assassin.

The cooldown on the autoattack is so short that I’m unable to use my main attack. I might be doing something wrong, but when fully buffed it’s seems like I kill everything faster just by holding down the subweapon key, instead of trying to combine both weapons.

Can anyone confirm this?

In rebuild, the more dex and attack speed you already have, the less you will notice a difference by increasing both stats.

It was the other way around before in rebuild.

This directly effects DWA in terms of noticing an attack speed increase, but you’d only get it anyway for the nice dmg increase in rebuild, and / or for breaking your fingers tapping the buttons like a madman.

Tapping does nothing. Also the DWA is supposed to increase your damage by 100%, but I see 0 difference, at least in PVP.

Damage is heavily scaled down in PVP across the board for all skills to not allow for one-shots, so it’s better to test the dmg in a pve environment.

I am getting exactly the same damage in PVE though. No DWA, subweapon normal attack critical: 12700~, DWA subweapon normal attack critical: 12700~. Piercing Hearth with no DWA: 48000~, with DWA 48000~.

Never played Scout/Corsair before, am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: Figured it out, it increases the damage of your next CONNECTED auto attack by 100%. So Dagger > Sword > Dagger = 100% bonus damage on each hit, Dagger > Dagger > Dagger = 0 bonus.

It seems to suggest that the more attack speed you have, harder is to utilize this mechanic and lag doesn’t help.

This skill should be a fighting stance, like bullet markers one. IMC and their dumb choices…

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one funny thing is DWA aspd is similar to dagger only when i have 600+dex … what a waste of 15 points

not to mention that pistol DWA is even clunky as hell…

I use DWA on this way:

I hold the sub button, my case is C
Holding C, I keep tapping Z. When it shows the animation of the DWA, I press Z again.
There’s a delay time. You can’t tap Z too fast, it doesn’t trigger DWA. And you can’t tap Z too slow, because doesn’t trigger DWA too. When it was on the sub attack animation, doesn’t trigger. Only trigger after the animation. You’ve to press Z in the betweens and learn the time. DWA connects one attack to another, so you can’t use in the attack animation, has to be in the betweens. Hold C, tap Z until you find the betweens, then you have to practice the Z timing. You press Z, DWA animation trigger, when finish, you press Z again. Theres a timing. And even with 689 DEX, and high attack speed, I can fit in the combo without hurting fingers, like pressing Z>C>Z>C>Z>C like a crazy…

Holding C> Z> timing> Z> timing> Z> timing> Z>…