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Double weapon assault (DWA)


Dear IMC,

Would it be possible to finally make DWA work by holding both action buttons down instead of mashing them one after the other, or at least give us the option to?

This has been a complaint for over 2 years by the community and never been fixed. It’s very uncomfortable and counter-intuitive to every other auto-attack class and skill in this game. It’s also not fun at all

Thank you!


Updating the damage should be a priority too, 80% is a joke, enchanter can hold one button with 300% multiplier and a proc +20% damage (I forgot the exact numbers) .
Enchanter auto attack for example is almost 5 times stronger.


Yes. Please.

It’s also slow. Not what the tooltip promises, which is double speed AA.


Hello lastea!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We will take this as a feedback from you and forward to the proper department for review. If you have other suggestions, please do share it here.


Someone at IMC, please pick up the phone or open a new email and explain to your colleagues in Korea that double weapon assault (DWA) is still a mess to use. There is still no fun or challenge in mashing two different buttons one after the other to use DWA. Please make it so that we can use DWA while holding both attack buttons down at the same.

DWA is still unchanged on ktest with rebuild. This is why I’m bumping this topic


It would be easier if its automatic in auto attack. Just one button is enough. And Yes I agree with you!!!