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Double slash vs Skyliner

For what i read, both of them deal extra damage to bleeding targets, but the first has more base damage and an extra 35% critical modifier. They both get the same “extra” per bleeding? That makes Double slash better, right?

Yes it’s better in a vacuum, but Swordsman C3 only way to make a target bleed is Restrain stunning something and then using Thrust with the attribute, and Highlande C2 or C3 just needs Crosscut.

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Yeah I know that with Thrust wind-up animation is impossible to do, but is the only way a Swordsman C3 could be able to make a target bleed in a vacuum.

double slash is better because the damage is actually good even without bleeding
for me i just use serpentine’s bleed to proc double slash damage on my catagoon
double slash IS stronger
but highlander 3 still has better dps than swordsman 3.

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skylinear is better… its scale 100% with bleeding targets, while double slash only add 200 dmg… btw double slash is by no means bad but skylinear is just better.

Skyliner is better for it has 100% bonus dmg to bleeding targets whilst Double slash only has 200 flat bonus damage to bleeding targets next time get your facts straight before advising to someone you’re leading the guy to the wrong way.
Here you’ll find the answer in this thread.

Oh. That’s a shame. I thought that they both had the same damage modifiers. Well, i hope in the future that they change the interaction of double slash so more interesting builds can be made like sw3>hl2>x for crosscut + skyliner + double slash.

Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

For a shinobi, double slash is better since your clones will be able to copy it.

you can, but you need to somehow make the enemy bleed first (crosscut/serpentine) while having retrain. since bleed can proc restrain, you can time your thrust on each tick of bleed, so you could potentially bleed-stunned someone for a long time. (I have sw3/h2 so I could confirm that bleed procs restrain)

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kinda, 60% make it possible to stun lock someone with bleed + me hitting. although I still prefer bursting someone down than stunlocking since the latter is just begging to be hit by sleep.

Skyliner’s bonus is a T0 100%. It’s the only swordsman skill this strong.
It scales insane and it’s not unusual for Skyliner to crit for 30k.

Double slash has a much longer cooldown and does crap damage in comparison.

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I think Double Slash is just kinda bonus for taking Sw3. The usual reason for doing so is better Restrain and longer P. Barrier. It’s an OK filler though.

Skyliner wins.