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Double Punch - Short Story

“30 Seconds until the Missions Starts!” screamed the invisible announcer who telepathically relayed this information through our minds.

I stood amongst others who were chosen to fight by my side for this specific mission run, waiting for our physical bodies to phase into the room as though we were being sent to this empty space by a man inside an alien device in the shape of a giant black ball.

“10 seconds remaining!”

Before my eyes a mountain of furniture and debris stood towering over us, blocking our path. No doubt it was the doing of monsters setting up barricades against the human invaders that waltz into their not so secret society.

A futile attempt, this resistance would only harden my resolve to smash and penetrate through their novice defence like a tornado of popolions smacking into a room full of fire pillars.

As I envisioned the handsome reward of dilgele I could potentially receive from the mystery cube at the end of this ordeal, I felt the sense of touch returning to the soles of my feet as they finally phased into the room.

We moved quickly; there was nought time to waste as monsters who heard the commotion from the second floor started to defend the barricades with their lives, pouring through the ceiling like bolts of thunder descending from the dark skies.

While the rest of us were pounding away at the weak barricades, whittling down their limited furniture into a pile of nothingness, the monsters sought out the most vulnerable amongst us, hurling their bodies at the Linker that stood still as if he was experiencing shell shock for the first time.

The monsters slashed at his guts, chewed on his boots and attached themselves to his head like a pack of angry kamikaze pilots eager to prove their honor and worth by sacrificing their all on this assault. Though I knew not why the Linker remained still, we pushed on. His noble sacrifice will not be forgotten on this glorious day as we broke through their defences and stormed their hideout.

As I entered the spacious hall what instantly came into my view was a large slab of rocks rebuilding itself into the shape of a walking sentinel of stone. This much was expected as the guild receptionists had advised me that the ancient Kepas that hid themselves away from human civilisations possessed such rare ability unknown to Revelators, the lost art of Kabbalism that allows one to raise stone sentinels to do their bidding.

As expected the perpetrators of this colossal abominations were nowhere to be seen, most likely they’ve fled the scene pre-emptively to avoid finding a sharp steel wedged through their bodies for EXP.

The abomination we came to know as Golem stood tall and proud, it’s stupid face grinning at the foolish revelators about to be reduced to red paste under its feet. It seemed as though the giant was taunting us, beckoning our steel against its rock solid flesh to prove humanmade weapons were nothing before the walking force of nature.

“I’ll ducking take yo ass out betch!”

One of the guys that came on the mission with me screamed a battle cry as he made a beeline dash for the Golem before us. Atatata Uwadead, a hot blooded monk unsheathed his rod as he chanted the words of restorative power.

“HEAL!” he cried. 5 tiles inscribed with the runes of healing momentarily surfaced under the golem and vanished immediately as though the divine energy seeped into the monster’s soul, dealing small insignificant damage. But this was not enough to convince the monk to retreat.

“Hah! That was merely a distraction! A setback!” he yelled as he sheathed the rod back on his back and began to clench his fists into balls of steel.






A flurry of punches lashed out at the unmoving mountain, each thrust crackling against the hard surface like throwing a semi-hardened ball of mud at a person’s face repeatedly.

I watched the monk unleashing all of his furies on the stone structure, his stamina quickly draining to the point it would be called a miracle that he could stand let alone run. With spicy balls of popcorn running down my throat like a constant stream of water, I watched the Monk perform this grand spectacle playing before us.

The crunchiness and the pungent flavor of curry roared throughout my mouth as I ate mouthful after mouthful, knowing no restraints and fearing no diabetes risks.

As the dust settled the monk’s eyes widened in fear of what was happening before him.

“What in Laima’s tits…!”

Not only was the monster standing, but it also seemed as though his flurry of madness fists did next to nothing to scratch the solid surface. The golem’s ghostly face smiled down at the monk that tickled him as he bent down and curled into a ball. Before the Monk could recover a single stamina point, it acted swiftly.

Rolling its massive body like a giant spinning boulder, it bolted towards the monk at sanic speeds breaking every single bones in his body as his foolishness was flung into the air several times, smacking against the wall and bouncing back at the golem only to be squished again by its abysmal weight.

“Oh shyt! Ausrine’s tits have mercy! HALP!”

He cried for help, as a Pelt 3 I was trained and sworn to help the defenceless yet I stood perfectly still holding onto the bag of popcorns unwilling to part with the scrumptious bag until the last of the popcorns have been digested. I felt conflicted between my sworn desire to help taunt the monster away from the almost dead monk and my desire to eat popcorn.

In the end, as Goddess Laima would say, you can’t work on an empty stomach, so I silently prayed to the Goddess for forgiveness for choosing popcorn over the life of a teammate.

Fortunately, nothing of value was lost as the Golem raised it’s mighty arms and pounded the ground three times, flinging the dead monk into the air like a lifeless ragdoll, broken and beaten senselessly.