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DoTs/Multi-hit class build suggestions?

As the tile says, i need viable/best build suggestions (for all classes) that has damage-over-time or multi-hits or has many ticks.


I got lucky to get 2 arch stone in just 2 weeks thru gamble. So i crafted it to Ark - Thunder and Im thinking of builds that has multi-hits/ticks that can proc Ark-Thunder more frequently.

I’m playing Crus-Exo-PD main and it’s good specially for hit and run tactics in wbr :smiley:
And im wondering about other classes.

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Congrats you’re so lucky :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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HAHA thanks. cost me around 100m tho in gambling and around 50m in crafting so im broke af


OMIGOD GIMME YOUR LUCK!!! Getting a full Ark for 250mil (I suppose you gambled TWICE 100 mil right? right?) is insane…

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HAHAHAHA my luck is depleted now, cant give any :smiley:

around 100m in total…i got 10m budget for gamble everyday and i got it for about 2 weeks…I should have just get a lottery ticket in real life XD