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Doppel > Barbarian> Nak muay?

Good Day guys,

Wanna to ask if my current 3 job if i dont want Nak Muay anymore any other job recommend ?
this job better can be PVE and GTW.


I would consider High Lander. After Arts system could consider Templar as an option.

hi sir may i know what do u mean arts system

It will be a new thing that will change something for your class with an expensive passive.
Here is a teaser video from IMC:

Its a nice add to the game so far as i can tell.
I mentioned Templar because so far it will let you use Battle Orders and Advanced Orders on foot making possible the use of unmounted class easier.

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Thanks bro but not sure when release right?

Me and my friends speculate that its prob mid October when Summer Fiesta ends 22 Oct, not sure tho.