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Does the order of class advancement matter?


Returning player to TOS and trying to get a grasp of the current Rebuild version.

Does it matter in which order I select my 3 advanced classes after the base class with regards to skill point totals?

And does the attribute allocation change depending on the permutation/order of the advanced classes or will everyone’s base attributes be equal to each other if they’ve selected 3 of the same class? (Eg. do the stats change between Peltasta/Murm/Templar vs Templar/Murm/Peltasta?)

Thanks for the help!

It’s the same thing whatever your choose in class order. Better take a aoe class un first to level fast


Just a tip: the last class will take a little more time to get the third skill set and max out, so the last class usually is the less important.


Thank you very much for the help guys! I’ll keep that in mind when leveling my new character.

there are classes whose skill attributes have level requirements Owo

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Not that little :joy:

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Off topic but I wonder with episode 11, do we only get stats as we level?

In which way? If you mean stat points, we’ll have to wait to see if they added some Zemyna statues in some maps. Also I’m pretty sure every “episode” boss gives 2 or 3 stat points at the end.

Consider going for Utility/Support classes last since they won’t help as much when questing (best leveling) anyway. If you want to play Peltasta/Priest and can afford to, class swap into it after maxing so you don’t have to give up DPS on the road to 390.

so i was looking at this post wanted to ask aswell so if im going Exorcist/Druid/Plague Doctor do i pick druid or exorcist first ? i asked on my own post the guy said it didnt matter but tbh after reading this i think it does i kno PD will prob go last for sure since thats my support but im totally not sure about exorcist or druid as a first pick

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