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Does no one read the Guidelines?

I’ve been really bored recently and I just looked up stats on the forums badges, amount of users, how many are active etc. and I just realized but… how the heck do we have 34.4K overall users with 3.5K active during the past 7 days (from today) and only have 622 people who have read it? … This worries me for some odd reason :confused:

Is it that it’s hard to find the guidelines since it’s actually hiding in the middle button on the top right saying “FAQ” instead of guidelines? When I actually logged in for the first time, I had to actually search for the guidelines as well as the Terms of Service by googling it and looking at the badge (lol badge hunting at the beginning of the forum) description for the link because it’s so hidden.

Anyone else have these worries that the ToS and the Forum Guidelines aren’t easily available? (Game ToS is easy to find. It’s at the bottom of the screen saying “Terms of Service”)


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I do :joy: I get bored and try to find random stuff to read when I don’t have anything else to do and since I’m on the forums a ton, I might as well read what I can find.

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I did, but putting that aside, yeah.
Reading the terms of service is such a critical thing that few could be bothered to do.
(it’s less important here, I suppose)

I am not concerned.
What is on them is the general stuff that everyone ought to be aware of by now.
It’s pretty much common courtesy, the most basic of basics.
If someone isn’t following them, it’s quite likely because they intended it that way.

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It’s a wall of text so I figured it would bore a lot of people. Thinking why would they waste their time on such petty matter.

I guess… but the hunt for Badges Drools

Even if you didn’t want to read the Guideline and ToS because it is a wall of text (albeit not that long IMO) you can literally just scroll through the entire thing for the Badge :stuck_out_tongue: I did that at first then I scrolled all the way back up to read it lol.

Depend on themselves if they want it or not. Badges is not that important, what important is has people read and understand it thoroughly?

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I didn’t read them. I have something much better: Common Sense.

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Im more worried about the fact that this forum has next to no moderation going on. Pretty much every topic has people insulting eachother or spamming /20 character stuff. If they don’t start moderating this forum I will just hop into 1 of the fan based ones…

So far the forums seem more like they were meant to be moderated by the community.

If a thread is filled with people insulting people, and not contributing to the topic, simply flag those posts. If it still goes on, flag the topic. Most people are just not flagging things. If the community flags a post enough, it will get hidden. If it’s a topic that get’s flagged, it will get closed.

As for guidelines/rules/etc. Most people don’t read it. If someone infringes on something in the guide lines, you can flag it for an admin to see, and refer to what was wrong, or just let them know in the topic, and refer to it before flagging.

I haven’t read them and I don’t plan on doing so.
But I got the badge Read Guidelines now if that makes you feel better.

Yes and no :no_mouth: yes because you actually took time to scroll through it even without reading it and from what I’ve seen you post, you follow common courtesy and sense but no because well… … actually I dunno but I’m really attached to the idea that ignorance doesn’t lead to freedom of guilt so I think that’s why I made this topic.

Personally i feel like the Terms of Service here on this website were the shortest i had ever seen before, so i read it all word-for-word.

Try reading Terms of Service from Blizzard Entertainment, now that’s quite a read! @__@

I will have to be honest here, I don’t think those guidelines are that important. It basically says: “don’t act like a idiot.” And if you need to read a text telling you to not act like a idiot in order to not act like a idiot you are probably an idiot, and will act in a idiotic way regardless of reading the guidelines or not.

At least it’s a free achievement for the ones that care about this kind of stuff.

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Yeah I guess :frowning: I just hoped at least it would change some people’s attitudes on the forum or at least inform someone :no_mouth: am I being too optimistic about this? I’m usually pessimistic but I think I expected too much from people who act like idiots on purpose for some odd reason.

well… is because… i don’t have the game c:

It’s for the forums, too.
Welcome to the ToS International Forum.
Enjoy your stay.


To shed a little bit of light on the stats you are looking at, these stats represent a handful of different login portals: Valves Steam platform, Google+, Facebook, and GitHub.

I’d guess that a very large portion of people who represent those stats have never even spent enough time in the forum section of the web-portal to even notice anything else.

The numbers got a large spike during various windows where i guess people were anticipating either the Steam release itself, a testing phase, and news of either or.

That being said, that number; “622” realistically is likely to be those who actually spend a quality amount of time through-out the forums on a regular basis- so it’s not really that frightening from that perspective.

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I haven’t become so desperate for TOS info that I’ve resorted to reading the guidelines yet.