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Does network speed affect your damage?

Short story:
Im playing Crus-PD-Druid, all gears are standard +21, got all important gems, pretty good offensive enchants, crown lvl10 gems lvl5 all goddess.

On last WBR(bramble), I can only deal 2b - 2.5b with perfect runs…while others with same build, same gear can do 3.5b or even more
Even in Remnants of Bernice, i can’t pass stage 90

Only thing i can think of that i was lacking is network connection - my ping is always at 0.4 - 0.8ms
I can feel a slight delay but it doesn’t really ruin my rotation/play.
Then I heard from my friend(who i consulted this matter) that if there is delay/lag, some damage does not register, specially for multi hits/DoT builds.

is that true?

Probably. Your ping is really high. It does affect rotation. Skills that have a small window of boosted damage, like Dagger Slash for example, might not be executed on time due to delay. And it also makes sense that some damages don’t register, might be in real-time you never actually casted the skill. High ping messes up everything in any online game.

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It’s not probably but it’s absolutely true. In many case the game still somewhat playable in solo environment but not multiplayer. For a quick example try time trial quests e.g like exo costume quest under bad network. I once try this quest in some remote area with 3g only and it’s impossible to beat above first milestone. The faster, the stable your network the faster respond time, the shorter the delay.
Also there’s more than gears to compare yourself. There’s hidden boost like cards, attributes, guild buffs etcs, there also strategy, timing, skills combo and sometimes even abusable bugs