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Does looting chance affect the drop of card albums in HGs?


Does looting chance affect the drop of card albums in HGs?

Or it just improves the drop rates for equipments?

Thank you :blush:


Only unidentifed equipment, no effect on anything else.


The news page has a search function. No need to tag the staff for something so little as this, which someone else already answered for you.

NEW Looting Chance
- Looting Chance is a new stat which increases the drop rate of unidentified items (the higher your Looting Chance value, the more likely you are to obtain unidentified items).
- Looting Chance can appear in unidentified armor items (top, bottom, gloves or boots) when they are identified.
- If you are equipping an item with Looting Chance, you can check your total Looting Chance value in the [F1] Character Info window.

To the character’s secondary stats, we’re adding a new number called Looting Chance , which increases your probability of obtaining random stat unidentified items from monsters. Your Looting Chance is not influenced by your basic stats (STR, INT, etc.); instead, it increases with equipment stats , in-game gimmicks , items and possibly events.


I’d say it hinders the drop of card albums: more looting chance means more random drops, so less chance to get anything else (ore, albums, mats…)