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Does loot chance affect Challenge mode drops?

I am a new player and wondering if it’s worth the Thauma class for the swell brain loot chance bonus for a farmer. Farming only challenge mode for dust/enchants/silver/planium.

Looting Chance does affect Challenge Mode.

they say looting chance affects the drops for primus gears.
silver drop is fixed depending on how many members in party.
doing it solo stage5 gives you about 800k silver.

When are you suppose yes Swell Brain at the end of you last stage before killing the boss or it should be on CD during att your CM stages?

correction: they only increase the QUANTITY, not the QUALITY of the dropped unID item. You could have 9999 loot chance and all dropped item still are berthas too. It doesnt guarantee you get primus

@KeroNoches use it at the very start of CM stage 1

hahaah thats what i said :smiley:

Before entering the portal?

it is the same, as long as you use swell brain before kill the first monster of CM, for maximum effect

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Thanks all, I wasn’t sure if swell brain was working but seems it must be ! Must be my luck :sob: