Does hidden table npc still give quest?


Does the hidden table npc, that spawns at 8:00 PM server time, in royal mausoleum 4F still give this quest?
Location of hidden table:

I couldn’t interact with it when it spawned and the quest doesn’t seem to be in my adventure journal


I have to check that again with my main tomorrow, hope I don’t forget…

again :pensive:


I was able to complete this quest a month ago, and then on another character 2 days ago.

Also had the problem where it wasnt giving the quest, but some people told me you need to do every single quest in Royal Mausoleum before you can interact with the table. So I went and did every single quest starting at 1F through 5F, including green quests. It worked.



confirming that it is still possible…

also stupid UI bug forcing me to change language on the spot D:

luckily the desk stays for a long time…


What time(s) did it spawn for you guys?


I just got lucky, both times I went there, it was already spawned so I didnt have to wait


Around 8pm > 8:05pm server time klaipeda, it was as your first post said…


Just checking to see if there are other spawn times.