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Does buff/debuff from different sources/players stack?

Best sample would be PD and Bokor.

A full attribute, full arts Black Death Steam is applied on a mobs/boss, and then another low level Black death steam is cast on the same mob/boss.

Will it stack(2 different BDS debuff on enemy)?
Will it overwrite the previous(first BDS is canceled and Second BDS takes effect)?
Will it just reset the duration(first BDS duration will just reset and still taking effect, second bds is canceled)?

Same Goes with party Buffs…

And a special case is for different buffs but same effects like priest revive and chrono revive(what will be prioritize? will the other one gets canceled or remain after the first one is triggered)

They do stack. You can even stack BDS 2x if it’s from the same player(low level characters can reduce Cool down via tree root crystals), but apparently BDS via Pandemic + normal BDS doesn’t stack right now (at least from what I’ve seen in videos, I failed to extract my vaivora and my only PD is too low at level to equip the base weapon to test).

The only time when it didn’t stack but would overwrite each other were the times before Re:build if I remember correctly.

For the party buffs, they overwrite each other if it is the same one, so if a Priest with a bad SPR amount casts Aspersion after the Priest with the good SPR cast his one, you will have the Aspersion from the bad SPR priest since he was the last to use his skill.
There are exceptions to the rule, though, for example Paladins Resist Elements, which cannot be overwritten if it is the exact same buff (both having the basic effect or the attribute effect), so if the other Paladin cast his Resist Elements, even if there is only 5 seconds buff duration of the first Resist Elements remaining, the second Resist Elements will not be applied and the skill will go into Cool down without having any effect.

In general there is a lot of trial and error when it comes to buffs and their effects, the game doesn’t really explain how they work, which stack/can be replaced and which do not.

No idea about the Revive & Reincarnate thingy (there is also Revenged Sevenfold with arts to add to the mix), but if Reincarnate doesn’t trigger first, I guess the skill will go to waste because the buff duration is so short (same with Revenged Sevenfold).
Could be that just the order the buffs are applied in that matters, but certainly would be interesting to know, maybe someone else can answer this.

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hmmm interesting topic…

you think this goes the same for Bokor’s CoD and effigy?
I mean, its a meta class for wbr since CoD gives 15% magic reduction and Effigy hits decently. But on party situations, like JS, raid, or Boruta, will those skills stack with other players? Coz if not, it wont make sense having multiple bokor on party contents if theyll just overwrite each others skill.

They won’t overwrite each other, both curses will deal damage. However most endgame bosses have a cap on the defense reduction aspect, so two defense reductions might end up being redundant.

Pretty much any DoT that deals damage won’t overwrite other player’s, as targets can have more than 1 of the same DoT


ohhhh nice thanks for clarifying

Wow nice…Thanks guys!